How Merry the lights?

What could be wrong with a Christmas that has more hangout joints than I can recall all my life? The groove is as close as downstairs from me! One of the new joints sells all sorts of pepper soup and drinks, and, wait for it- the best music on Planet Earth- Bongo Music!!!

I should be having a blast, right? Kim is keeping my feet warm on this balcony, and the sound and occasional sparks of exploding knockouts, fireworks add to the air of festivity. The thing is, the hangout joints are a bit empty. My house is empty, save for Kim.

There have been Christmas days when we would squeeze for room in the big building with 9 rooms! Now the rooms are silent, and echo a sadness that is heartrending. I cannot stop writing about the dullness of this particular Christmas without throwing blame at Buhari, and his government. We had some expectation for great days ahead. All we get daily is one day, more drama. Bad gets worse and revoking it will remain in the far future.

My friends that couldn’t make this Christmas are just missing the aura of anticipation hanging in the air. The Lakecity Film Festival had happened at the Crystal Lake Resort, Eng. Ernest Nwapa’s phenomenal, and spectacular holiday resort and hotel. Things are happening. One should get involved. After all, life is downstairs. Fantastic music. It will still be an awesome Christmas. The year has been quite fruitful. After the stocktaking, we look to cash in on the merits of the passing year.


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