The South African

I got lucky to snap these photographs of Andile Buka. He is one of the artists (Andile is a photographer), who share the huge studio rooms at Anstey’s Building on Joubert Street. Of course photographers rarely have their personal portraits taken. He got his.

Actually I got lucky when Andile offered to take portraits of me with his mad Mamiya R67 film camera with the total manual settings! These shots were more of a complimentary payment for getting shot with that exotic vintage item. I even was willing to sell my Canon 5D Mark II for that camera because I know that it is a hard find. Here are my pictures with my good old 5D Mark II. We are still waiting for Andile’s photographs of me to be developed, and what other processes it will take before we see the finished image. I know he will scan whatever he gets at a point. Photography is old and complex. It didn’t just appear as digital overnight. I am still shooting; maybe I will trap a human soul in an image!


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