Big sister

Big sister had to stay here alone for 3 years before she got her first companion-me. So, when I finally arrived, she took me everywhere, showed me everything. So we grew up together…we had more brothers and a sister. We rode bikes together, shared accident experiences(that too), made the most important decisions, fought, laughed and cried, slept and woke to dream and live again and again. We live away from each other now, have chosen different paths. We have our own children too. We are alike in many ways. Thanks for helping me learn to walk, to run, to ride bikes, to live. I am still learning. I am glad you are here. I pray many more years for you here, happy years. There may be rainy days, but surely the sun will shine thereafter. The same sun that rose the first, when you, the forerunner came. Many moons ago, this day 27th January, when you were born…happy birthday sister Julie.



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