Pictures within pictures.

Over the years I have taken tens of thousands of shots. That’s the digital luxury we enjoy these days. I was able to print at least a third of these shots for individuals, particularly members of my local church where I was given the title of parish photographer by the Irish priest in charge. This meant I covered parish events for about five years- most Sundays at Mass, during baptisms, weddings, Easter vigil nights(a favourite shooting time),harvest and bazaar sales etc. Some of the pictures never got printed, some were never collected by the owners, and I was just too busy to care. Call it poor business skills on my side, at the worst.
I also worked extensively with a school capturing images for their yearbooks. There were events I covered just to record history my way, places I saw and froze for posterity. I learnt steadily on the job, as each image was seen mainly as a challenge- a means to improving how I capture images, and tell stories. I made a lot of digital noise, to put it mildly.
Recently, the printed images have piled up in my studio, and I started looking for other ways to use them. I now cut the unclaimed pictures into small rectangles to form large picture mosaics. The problem of space and what to do with the printed photographs solved, for now.







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