Uncle Cajetan

Uncle Cajetan

He lived in the years of the sun Biafra

And killed to keep it that way

Under Ojukwu’s flag, not Go-win’s

He wept at the death valleys and

Dried his bloodied face on bloodier hands

Raging, raging, and screaming blind into the rising Sun

Hoping to see a new day-

A dawn of equality and unity;

A dawn without quasi-pregnant babies suckled by skeletal moms

Of so-called Civilization standing by the oppressed few

Not necessarily with the majority of

Satanic voices and Greed

Blinded by tears, standing on the top floor of grandpa’s house

He soon stopped seeing the racing Sun

Stopped seeing the shadows of familiar homelands

He did not see the shadow

That blocked the evening sun,

Cut off photosynthesis, stopped Time,

And him, Uncle Cajetan

(written many years after, and two days after Ojukwu died)

By Tony Nsofor, 2011


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