Go to this link for the World Press Photo Competition. Thanks to Jan-Joseph Stok, freelance photographer.http://submit.worldpressphoto.nl/


1. The World Press Photo contest is only open to professional photographers and photojournalists.*

2. All entries must include the personal and professional details of the participant as well as a full specification of all digitally submitted images in the form of all required metadata. The photographer’s professional status must be established by providing a document of verification (press card, union membership card, letter of reference or other official document).

3. Before you will be able to enter the contest, you must accept the entry rules and the declaration.

General rules
4. There is no entry fee.

5. Single images in all categories must have been taken in 2010. Stories/portfolios entered in the categories Spot News, General News and People in the News must have been taken in 2010. Stories/portfolios entered in the remaining categories must have been completed or first published in 2010.

6. Stories/portfolios must contain no less than 2 and no more than 12 images. Stories/portfolios of more than 12 images will not be accepted.

7. Images can only be entered once, either as a single image or as part of a story/portfolio. Images submitted more than once will not be accepted. Individual images entered as part of a story/portfolio are also eligible for an award as single.

8. Images not (yet) published can be submitted.

Material specifications
9. Digital images must meet the following specifications:
• Images must be at least 3,000 pixels in length.
• Each image must be saved as a separate JPEG with the highest quality setting.
• An embedded ICC profile is required. AdobeRGB or sRGB is recommended for color images, Gamma 2.2 for black and white. No CMYK.

10. All required image information, such as the creation date, place and country as well as the caption/description, must be included in the metadata of the image files.

11. The content of the image must not be altered. Only retouching which conforms to currently accepted standards in the industry is allowed. The jury is the ultimate arbiter of these standards and may at its discretion request the original, unretouched file as recorded by the camera or an untoned scan of the negative or slide.

12. Only single-frame images will be accepted. Composite and multiple exposure images will not be accepted. Images with added borders, backgrounds or other effects will not be accepted. Images must not show the name of a photographer, agency, or publication.

Submission of entries
13. Images can be uploaded as .jpg files or as a zip file.

14. Entries submitted by e-mail will not be accepted.

15. The closing date for the 2011 contest is 13 January 2011, 23.59 Central European Time. All entries must have been submitted at https://submit.worldpressphoto.nl by this date.

16. All winners will be contacted immediately after the results of the contest have been announced. They will be requested to submit material of reproduction quality for the World Press Photo yearbook and the annual exhibition.

17. Entries will not be returned. World Press Photo reserves the right to dispose of the material.

18. The conditions set out in the entry rules and in the declaration are binding.

* World Press Photo expects all participants to act in accordance with the guidelines of professional conduct as laid down in the Declaration of Principles on the Conduct of Journalists of the International Federation of Journalists. See:


Spot News – SN/SNS
Single images (SN) or stories/portfolios (SNS) of unscheduled events for which no advance planning was possible. All images must have been shot in 2010.

General News – GN/GNS
Single images (GN) or stories/portfolios (GNS) of planned or organized events. All images must have been shot in 2010.

People in the News – PN/PNS
Single images (PN) or stories/portfolios (PNS) of people or groups of people featuring in the news. All images must have been shot in 2010.

Sports – SP/SPS
Single images of sports action (SP) or sports feature stories/portfolios (SPS).

Contemporary Issues – CI/CIS
Single feature images (CI) or stories/portfolios (CIS) exploring contemporary social issues, environmental issues, health issues, etc.

Daily Life – DL/DLS
Single images (DL) or stories/portfolios (DLS) illustrating the richness and diversity of everyday life.

Portraits – PO/POS
Single images (PO) or stories/portfolios (POS) portraying people (groups and individuals), including public figures and celebrities.

Arts and Entertainment – AE/AES
Editorial reporting in single images (AE) or stories/portfolios (AES) of visual and performing arts, rituals, festivals, etc.

Nature – NA/NAS
Single images (NA) or stories/portfolios (NAS) about the natural world, flora and fauna, landscapes, etc.


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