Leaking Cables-Wikileaks reveals what countries actually think; on International issues

for more info, ps go to this link-http://cablegate.wikileaks.org

These are early days for one to start commenting on Wikileak’s publishing of diplomatic cables between American government officials and its allies.

First cut-America and Americans come across as arrogant, brash, highly opinionated, and proud. The comments about foreign rulers are quite rude.

Secondly, maybe interested groups gain clarity about the true state of affairs on American policies about Iran. Now we know that the Saudi Arabian King strongly urged a hesitant America to attack Iran because of their Nuclear power plans.

On Al Jazeera this morning,a broadcaster asked an Iranian journalist about the impact of the revelation. The Iranian journalist expressed the opinion of the nation-that America could have allowed this leak to give them a favourable positiion in the eyes of the haters of America. That journalist is biased, and just pitiable. Shpould we only accept the authenticity of the leaks which paint the American government in bad light? If there is a fault in a single line in the leaked government documents, surely we must also disbelieve the thousand other lines? .


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