Musings around empty tubes of paint

FOREST DANCE, Charcoal and watercolour,                        It is a hard life to live. there are days when inspiration is far from me-everything that should be painted has already been painted. El( Anatsui) would imply that there is nothing new in modern painting. I am convinced that Painting is all about copying appearances.

The Artist would only become an echo of life, like a dark shadow that is cast when the sun is high. I occasionally scribble and drip paint like a conjurer, then stir it about the canvas in search of hidden meaning. Art is Magic, or Ritual depending on the point one encounters it. Living is also an Art- a great drama played to an ever-changing audience. Content in Art can either be directly or indirectly applied. Every stroke of the brush is a suggestion, an idea quite like the lines drawn on a screen by a life support monitor.       IMG_1487s

Man desperately struggles to be heard, to be recognised. Identity is also a hard thing to contemplate. From different perspectives, Man changes. Again sometimes, we wear masks and act out a part for chosen situations and our audience. Artists are quite independent spirits, given to flights of passion and fancy. He is the actor, and also his own judge. This brings friction with the environment. Once in a while, a Man passes by, who understands it all.                      A DREAM AND A PRAYER, charcoal


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